MICHAEL MOORE                                           
                                                                                             Docket Number 33283
ALABAMA POWER COMPANY                  
The entire order relies up on there actually being an EMAIL. Alabama Power was unable to produce this alleged email and TIME TRAVEL. Thus the reason for no due process was accorded the complainant; discovery would exposé these lies and corruption, as well the criminal enterprise of Alabama Power, RACKETTERING.

These elected officials, lack the courage to explain how an inspection requirement was created 6 minutes before the alleged email it was based upon was received by Alabama Power. Time travel, crystal ball, Ouija board, or plan old cowardness and corruption, the later appears to be the best explanation!

October 31, 2022 motion, Exhibit 3, “Obligation created – inspection 2022-0505 19:23”; 7:23:04 PM, this was created 6 minutes before the alleged email of May 5, 2022, of Ms. Moore was received by Alabama Power, at 2022-05-05 19.29.04; 7:29:04 PM. No doubt that at 2022-0505 19:23”; 7:23:04, Alabama Power after refusing service because the Complaint refuse to pay debts he was not legal liable for, RETIALIATED and deny service.

But this court found that,  Alabama Power, KNEW, that in 6 minutes at 2022-05-05 19.29.04; 7:29:04, USING ITS TIME TRALEL MACHINE, it would receive an email, stating and demanding that service not be provided to the complainant based upon this email. We are not sure of the method of TIME TRAVEL, that Alabama Power has or uses, but this AGENCY has by JUDFICAL ORDER confirmed its existence and relied upon this new advancement of science and technology, TIME TRAVEL,  in making its order! This type of advancement in science could only occur in Alabama and could only be recognized by ELECTED OFFICALS in Alabama!

Since this board and this agency lacked the courage and morals to deal with Alabama Power illegal debt collection, racketeering, it has, by JUDICAL order, created a NEW RULE that will create a nightmare of chaos going forward.  This agency, has made this NEW rule, by this order, that any disgruntled employee, angry neighbors, separated husbands or wives, anyone who’s service was disconnected for NON-PAYMENT or anyone ejected evicted or evicted, in fact ANYONE FOR ANY REASON, EVEN WITH MAILICE INTENT is now able to make a report requiring Alabama Power to suspended, terminate or deny service to homes or buildings.
Now anyone can and may make a report of faulting wiring under this NEW rule, and this rules also established that Alabama Power has “no duty to investigate”, the reports made under this NEW RULE.  

But Alabama Power  has an ABSOULATE duty, to act, either by suspending, terminating or deny service on receiving of any such report by anyone, alleging faulting wiring, EVEN FALSE REORTS, EVEN REOPRTS MADE WITH MALICE, EVEN REPORTS MADE FOR POLITICIAL REASONS.

While these elected office attempt to protect Alabama in it criminal enterprise, it’s illegal debt collection enterprise, RACKETERING,  it has admitted it is providing political protection and support for this criminal enterprise.  And at the same time has created BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of new civil liability for Alabama Power. Any fire, injury or death that occurs in any build that a report may have been made on, where Alabama Power failed to suspend, terminate or deny service, makes Alabama Power LIABIALE as a MATTER OF LAW now!

This will make Alabama Power the number one target for civil actions by Plaintiff firms in Alabama, thousands of lawsuits are coming! Those that rent property and landlords will the targets of thousands of false reports by tenant and others, more law suits coming for Alabama Power! This NEW policy will be the subject of many State and Federal suits.

The order of dismissal, instead of dealing with Alabama Powers illegal debt collection practices, this agency chose to create a whole new area of legal liability for Alabama Power, typical Marxist mentality and ideology, create one disaster to try to hide another disaster. Yet nothing has changes, the Federal class action suits is still moving forward for Alabama Powers illegal debt collection practices, racketeering, but now continues with the State of Alabama as a conspirator. Likewise, a class action Federal suit under Title 42 Sec 1983, is moving forward, for this agency and numerous individuals there! Nothing has changes, except new areas of liability for Alabama Power and Alabama Public Service commission has been established by this order, and the elected officials!

But best of all, this agency and board, of elected officials, Cavanaugh, Oden and Beeker, as well as the State of Alabama, has acknowledge, verify and certifying that Alabama Power has perfected TIME TRAVEL! This is earth shattering news that millions, no BILLIOMS, worldwide will find astonishing. Going forward, this group of elected offices will be known as those that acknowledge and recognized TIME TRAVEL and used it to justify it findings and Order.  This could only occur in Alabama!

In the future, the first government officials to acknowledge and verify TIME TRAVEL, Cavanaugh, Oden and Beeker, will be known as TIME TRAVLE EXPERTS, worldwide, as the FIRST GOVERMENT OFFICALS to recognize TIME TRAVEL IN A JUDICAL ORDER!


The above Class Acton, suit[s], has not been file, but is being planned; this site will be updated with additional information.