Attorney General Steve Marshall
Chief Justice, Tom Parker
Governor Kay Ivey
Alabama Power Jeff Peoples

In Re: Alabama Public Service Commission Case Number 33283

Twice the Alabama Public Service Commission has confirmed the following in two separate orders.

  1. People that file complaints against Alabama power with the Alabama Public Service Commission are not entitled to meaningful access to court, due process or equal protection under the law. In other words, all administrative and judicial proceeding there are RIGGED for Alabama Power.
  2. Anyone may send an email, make a report, to Alabama Power and demand that Alabama Power suspend, terminate or deny service to anyone, and servicer must be suspend ,terminated or denied based on such reports, these reports may be made with malice, criminal intent and even for political purposes.
  3. Alabama Power has perfected time travel and is able to transverse time using some unknown technology.  Alabama Public Service Commission rules that Alabama Power was able to deny service based upon an email it had not received till 6 minutes after the denial of service base on this email and yet was unable to produce this email.
  4. Alabama power is actively engaged in illegal debt collection practices, refusing to provide service to people in order to extort funds from these people that they are not legally liable. Alabama Power discusses the alleged debts of other people with other people, then and demand that such other persons to pay these debts, that they are not legal liable for in order to receiving service.

Twice the Alabama Public Service Commission has acknowledged and documented in their orders, that Alabama Power withholds service from people specifically for the intent and purpose of extorting money for the alleged debts that other people may or may not owe. As you know such illegal debt collection practices by Alabama Powers engaged in, is a crime under Alabama law and federal law.

The purpose of this letter and previous letters is for use as evidence in future proceedings that not only is the Alabama Public Service Commission, conspiring with and providing support and political protection to Alabama Power in its illegal debt collection enterprise, but this support and protection also extends to the state of Alabama as a whole. You all are the three highest elected public officials of the state of Alabama, you all are aware that Alabama Powers is actively engaged in an ongoing criminal enterprise, racketeering, and you all have failed to act. This failure to act is providing support and political protection to Alabama Power’s, criminal enterprise, its illegal debt collection practices which constitute racketeering under federal law, RICO. This is evidence that the State of Alabama is knowingly a conspirator in Alabama Powers Racketeering.

The above Class Acton, suit[s], has not been file, but is being planned; this site will be updated with additional information.