This arose from a dispute with Alabama power, and a complaint filed with Alabama Public service commission and a case at the Alabama Public Service Commission. During the litigation phased Alabama Public service commission no hearings was held and no discovery was allowed. The attached documents give an overview of the proceedings there and the factual allegations.

The first document is a letter that was mailed to, Alabama Atty. Gen. Steve Marshall, Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court Tom Parker, and the governor state of Alabama Kay Ivey. None replied to this letter which allows you to arrive at your own conclusion.

Attorney General Steve Marshall
Chief Justice, Tom Parker
Governor Kay Ivey

Letter to Marshall, Parker and Ivey

The next two documents are a motion for summary judgment and a motion to reconsider that was filed.
In essence the Alabama Public Service Commission rule that anyone can make a complaint, report, to Alabama power, with malice criminal intent political purposes and Alabama power is under a duty to expand terminate or deny service based on such report. Next Alabama Public service commission found that Alabama power had the ability to time travel and know about future events before they actually occurred. In this matter Alabama power knew it was going receive a complaint six minutes in the future and thus denied service.

Motion to Reconsider

Motion for Summary Judgment

Jeremy H. Oden, Commissioner
Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, Commissioner
Chris  “Chip” Beeker, Commissioner

The below link is to the full case at the Alabama Public Service Commission to review and arrive at their  own conclusions.

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