Alabama Public Service Commission

Alabama Public Service Commission is the State agency with the duty to regulate and supervise Alabama Power. Alabama Public Service Commission has a duty to provide those seeking or receiving service from Alabama Power a place to make complaints. This included an administrative and judicial system to hear and resolve complaints.

  1. If you have filed a complaint with Alabama Public Service Commission as to Alabama Power in the denial or suspension of service and found that the administrative process lack basic constitutional protection, an independent, an unbiased person to hear and decided the issues and an opportunity to be informed of Alabama Power’s reply was denied, your constitutional right may have been violated.
  2. Did you desire to file an office complaint with judicial division of Alabama Public Service Commission and found it to be oppressive and designed to place burdens and practices that penalized those seek to file complaints prohibit or restricted or denied access to court. If so your constitutional rights may have been violated.
  3. If you filed an official complaint with the Judicial division of Alabama Public Service Commission and found that the process lack basic constitutional  protections for individuals, access to court, an unbiased judicial officer, due process, equal protection, your constitutional rights may have been violated. 

Alabama Public Service Commission budget for 2022, $14,274,062.00.

The Boarder of Directors
Commissioner Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh, President
Commissioner Jeremy H. Oden, Place One
Commissioner Chris "Chip" Beeker, Place Two

100 N Union St, RSA Union •  Montgomery, AL 36104 • 334-242-5218
Consumer Services Complaints 1-800-392-8050

The above Class Acton, suit[s], has not been file, but is being planned; this site will be updated with additional information.