Alabama Power
Alabama Power has several polices that may not be lawful, if you have been subject to one of the policies; you may be entitled to compensation.

  1. Has Alabama Power demanded that you pay someone else’s alleged power bill before service would be provided?
  2. Has Alabama Power retaliated if you refused to pay someone else power bill, by refusing to provide service?
  3. Has Alabama Power demanded a larger deposit based upon the previous residence failure to pay the power bill?
  4. Has Alabama Power demand that the structure, house, be inspected by the local inspection service before providing service or service been terminated and an inspection demanded before service would be restored?

Alabama Power as of June2023, $760,000,000  market cap, Stock ALP-Q, 25.03, June 2023, Total Revenue 2022 $7,817,000,000.

CEO and Board of Directors
Jeff Peoples
Chairman, President and CEO
Alabama Power Company

Angus R. Cooper, III
President, Cooper/T. Smith Corporation

Jeff Peoples
Chairman, President and CEO, Alabama Power Company

Anthony A. Joseph
Shareholder, Maynard, Cooper & Gale, P.C.

O.B. Grayson Hall, Jr.
Retired Chairman, President and CEO, Regions Financial Corporation

Catherine J. Randall
Chairman, Pettus Randall Holdings, Inc.

Kevin B. Savoy
Vice president of Great Southern Wood Preserving Inc. and Greenbush Logistics Inc.

R. Mitchell Shackleford, III
Senior Vice President, Gulf Coast Truck and Equipment Company

Charisse D. Stokes
President of Tidal IT Solutions

Phillip M. Webb
President, Webb Concrete & Building Materials, Inc.


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